Sunday, February 11, 2007

I also like food! Good food is good!

...and worths every little penny.
If I haven't had this Oblomov like day, ended watching Nikita Mihalkov's Oblomov, of course, I would have gone out, to brunch, lunch or dinner, either of them.
Too bad I didn't make a reservation to the Mezzaluna, in Bangkok, before I read about the "Epicurian Masters of the World II" dinner. An experience valued at one million baht ( approx. 30,ooo $) that broke out such violent reactions ;)
Anyway, the restaurant manager said, according to the IHT, they were not selling a meal, but a whole experience. Some fifteen international high-rollers from the world of real estate, casinos and shipping whose identity was not revealed by the hosts, at their request, benefited the experience of the black-tie dinner and so did Médecins Sans Frontières and the Chaipattana Foundation — a rural development charity set up by the king, where the money would be going to.
The event wouldn't have been possible, of course, without the six three-star Michelin European chefs skills, and some of the world's finest wines, that were flown in specially for the 11-course extravaganza at the rooftop restaurant.
They say though, that the best food in Thailand costs just 30 baht and is cooked in a wok welded to a street cart and served at a fold-up metal table on the pavement.

More about Mezzaluna here, where I found the pic too

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